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With my team of caregivers, I strive to provide informed, compassionate and meticulous care to those who entrust us with providing care for their problems and concerns.  My goal is to provide outcomes that are helpful to those we serve and to protect their dignity, privacy and safety.

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Does tattooing without ink reduce wrinkles?

A new take on an old technique is being promoted in the commercial media. The technique is advocated to improve skin tone and reduce fine wrinkles on the face.   The technique uses a device similar to a tattoo pen but without the use of any tattoo ink.   The devices available have various arrangements of very small reciprocating needles that penetrate the skin’s surface.  The needles mechanical trauma creates an inflammatory response to the penetration into the skin.   Theoretically the inflammation should be followed with the production of collagen and several sessions may be required.   Thicker collagen in the skin’s dermis may reduce the amount of fine wrinkles and improve skin tone.   Like so many things directed at restoring a more youthful skin, it is difficult to separate science from marketing.   Some information looks encouraging but rigorous scientific information is still lacking.   Its cost is significantly less then some of the laser, IPL, thermal and other procedures for rejuvenating skin without surgery. For my patients who are know keloid formers I’d recommend avoiding this technique.  We are using this device for some of our patients with fine wrinkles lines that need more then exfoliation and moisturizers. 







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